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Our control over our indoor climate is only as good as our thermostats. In fact, in a surprising number of circumstances, it is a faulty thermostat that is at fault for causing a significant HVAC issue. That is why it is critical that modern homes have intuitive, responsive digital solutions to help accurately maintain indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs.

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At the HVAC Heroes, we are preferred vendors of top-of-the-line products—including their digital thermostats. We have outfitted countless homes with this innovative technology and helped homeowners throughout Texas, Fairview, Coppell, The Colony, and beyond accurately control indoor temperatures and ensure lasting comfort for them and their families all year round.

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Installing a new thermostat is one of the easiest ways to revamp your HVAC system and ensure better, lasting comfort in your home. For more information on these thermostat products, call our friendly professionals today.

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Thermostat Services in Texas

Our thermostat services in Texas include installation, repair, and maintenance. Many homeowners have specific cooling and heating requirements to stay comfortable. It is important to spend some time and look at the operations of your thermostat.

It is a small device that controls the air conditioning and heating system in your home. Also, it is a device that uses the most energy. So, it is no surprise to tell you that it has the biggest impact on your quality of life.

How Does a Thermostat Work?

There are a few types of thermostats, and the most common ones are electronic and electromechanical thermostat systems. An electronic thermostat functions like a small computer (programmable) and uses sensors to figure out whether or not the indoor space has the right temperature.

Electronic thermostats have programmable features, including Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to keep the indoor space at a different temperature at daytime and nighttime. Electromechanical thermostats, on the other hand, are complex, and it is not easy to understand its functionality.

Typically, an electromechanical thermostat contains either a metal strip or bi-metal coil. With the changing temperature, the strip or coil moves to cause a vial that contains mercury to tip to a single side. Keep in mind that the mercury moves to one side of the vial and signals the system about the cooling or heating needs.

Common Thermostat Issues and Solutions

Research shows that over 70 million homes in the U.S have central HVAC systems. The rest will either have a furnace or many other forms of AC systems. If you have an HVAC system installed at home, you must know about the thermostat.

It is a complex component of the central heat and air system. When you have problems with the thermostat, you will need thermostat services in Texas, like the HVAC Heroes that specialize in HVAC systems and offer state-of-the-art thermostat repair.

Temperatures Don’t Match

Dirty thermostat components are the leading cause of this problem. Our qualified technician will clean the interior of the thermostat to fix the issue. A jarring bump throws a non-digital thermostat off level, which causes discrepancies in the setting and temperature. Our technician usually places a carpenter’s level above the device to make proper adjustments.

If the HVAC system has a mechanical thermostat, the problem can occur due to a frozen anticipator. The technician, in this case, will locate the arm attached to the round dial and then adjust it to reset it. If the solution does not work, then our technician will check the thermostat’s location and move it if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Thermostat stops functioning suddenly

A lack of power is the most common issue when the thermostat’s display is dark. The technician will replace the batteries and check for a tripped breaker or “blow fuse.” He or she will carefully inspect the electrical panel and make necessary repairs.

If the system does not respond well, then it needs Thermostat Repair. For instance, the technician will check the interior components of the system and find out the cause of the problem. Likewise, he will shut off the breaker and remove the cover.

If it is dirty, he will use essential tools like a soft brush or canned air to clean away the accumulated dirt or grime. Most often, the buildup of grime affects thermostat functionality.

Also, our technician will look for problems, such as loose wiring and terminal screws. If there are any issues with the screws, the technician will tighten them up. The HVAC Heroes offer Thermostat Services in Texas and have qualified technicians who will either perform thermostat repair or replace the system as needed.

Non-Stop HVAC Operation

The thermostat of your HVAC system can undergo many problems. Two of the common issues are short cycling and non-stop HVAC operation. The most common cause of this issue is the accumulation of dirt or grime in the thermostat. Therefore, you have to call the HVAC Heroes, a professional company that offers Thermostat Services in Texas to troubleshoot the problem.

Improper functioning of the calibrated anticipator is another reason that causes non-stop HVAC operation or short cycling. The technician can lengthen the cycle via the anticipator lever by adjusting it to “longer” on the dial. However, if this solution does not work, our technician may recommend you to upgrade it to a programmable thermostat.

For expert troubleshooting and thermostat repair, you can contact thermostat services in Texas so that we can maintain your HVAC system and make it function properly.

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