The Importance of Commercial Air Repair in McKinney Texas

It gets hot in Texas, and a working air conditioner is important for keeping your home cool. This goes double for a place of business. A commercial residence has to have working A/C during hot summer months–  a broken A/C means complaints from clients, and a possible shut down– causing you to lose business and pay for costly repairs. All of this can be avoided with regular maintenance of your commercial air system by a certified HVAC company, such as the HVAC Heroes.

What To Look For In Your Commercial Air Maintenance Company 

There are several things to look for in your Commercial Air Maintenance company. Because they are dealing with larger, different systems than a home A/C unit, it’s important to find the company that fits both your needs and your budget. The company has to have the training, personnel and resources to accommodate your HVAC needs. Read on to learn more about what to look for in a commercial HVAC company, and why. 


When choosing a commercial HVAC service, research any potential companies and be sure to ask for references. Check the companies website for reviews, and check out third party review sites such as Yelp and Google. However– be sure to take these reviews with a grain of salt. Any company that has been in service for more than a few years is going to have at least one dissatisfied customer. There are also services that can flood review sites with fake negative or positive reviews– so be sure to use your judgment. When in doubt, you can always do it the old fashioned way: asking your business partners what service they recommend. 


So you’ve found an HVAC service that checks all your boxes– great! But, the big question is, how available are they? A lot of HVAC services book up quickly, especially in the hot summer months, and you don’t want to be left waiting for an open spot when the A/C fails in your corporate building. When reaching out to potential companies be sure to ask about availability, and how soon they can come out to service your machine. Some HVAC places are always prepared, such as the HVAC Heroes which has licensed, certified HVAC technicians available 24/7 for all your A/C emergency needs. 

Accreditation and Insurance 

Not all HVAC companies are created equal. When searching for quality Air Repair Services in McKinney, TX you need to be sure that you are getting a licensed technician with lots of experience, especially if your heating and cooling is breaking down at your commercial site. 


At the HVAC Heroes we guarantee quality service. Our NATE-certified and highly experienced technicians are available 24/7. A visit from one of your technicians promises a quality inspection of the issue and a reasonable solution. Most of the breakdowns on HVAC systems have common causes, such as a malfunctioning thermostat or clogged air filters. Regular repair and maintenance can fix things like that before they even become a problem, saving you thousands in repair costs down the road. 


No one wants to spend more than they have to on HVAC repair and maintenance. When searching for a potential HVAC service, insist on transparent pricing, and compare rates if possible. Pricing can vary based on the age of appliances and their location. Some older furnaces are so old replacement is actually cheaper than the cost of constant repairs. A good HVAC service should be able to walk you through these prices and answer any questions you may have. 

Maintenance Packages 

Some HVAC companies offer maintenance packages that allow you to have several services for one low monthly price. The HVAC Heroes offers the Commercial Comfort Guard package, which guarantees that your business will get an the HVAC Heroes appointment within 24 hours of your call time! The Commercial Comfort Club also provides two complimentary HVAC tune-ups a year, valued at $398, 15% discount on all services, and a Discounted service fee of $67. Don’t wait until it’s too late– get the Commercial Comfort Club package and let the HVAC Heroes take the stress out of HVAC. 

Why Choose The HVAC Heroes

The HVAC Heroes has provided Heating and A/C repair in the Northern Dallas, TX area for the past two decades. Better Business Bureau accredited and trusted, the HVAC Heroes take pride in their work. Give us a call today or check out our website, and get your commercial property ready for the Texas weather!