How To Get On First Page Of Google Search Results

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When it comes to garnering organic traffic for your online business, nothing is more useful than Google. Google’s elaborate algorithms use keywords to determine which websites and businesses are most useful and relevant to the search. Google is the most used search engine by far, with hundreds of thousands of users every day. Getting on the first page of Google search results may seem intimidating, but that’s the beauty of Google. If you know how the algorithm works, you can increase your rank on Google in as little as 30 days!

Why Is Getting On The First Page Of Google Search Results Page Important?

You may be wondering why it is so important to get to the top of Google’s result pages. The reality is that most people do not look beyond the first three links of their search results, and over 90% of Google users do not look after the first page of Google search results. That’s why if you want your page higher up on the results page– a higher click-through rate means more potential leads and sales for your business. Another result of ranking higher on Google searches is brand exposure. If your brand repeatedly comes up in searches, it will build trust and familiarity in the community. Your brand will start to be associated with something that people are looking for, which will improve brand visibility and improve leads.

5 Free Ways to Appear On The First Page Of Google Search Results Fast

1.    Do your Keyword Research

Keywords are the key to ranking high on google. In order to improve your ranking, you must first research what kind of searches you want Google to grab your website for. Remember that keywords do not necessarily mean one word. They can also be phrases.

Examples of keywords are things like: “Brunch near me,” “Air Conditioner Repair Philadelphia,” or “How to repair a leaky sink.” If you find out the right keywords for your business, you will be able to use google to lead ideal customers to your website. Just make sure that you use different keywords for different pages of your website so that they are not competing with each other.

2.    Use your Keywords correctly

It is not enough to just have the keywords and phrases on your business’s website. To rank higher on Google, keywords and phrases need to be strategically placed. For example, the meta description should contain keywords. The meta description is the sentence or two underneath the title on Google’s search results page. The purpose of the Meta description is to give the user a quick summary of the page.

Keywords should also appear in the URL to help google quickly pick up your page, especially if the URL is clean and professional looking. Another method of using Keywords to get on the first page of Google search results is Alt tags attached to images on your website, allowing Google to pick them up in searches.

3.    Use local SEO

Local SEO is incredibly important for brick-and-mortar businesses that hope to bring in foot traffic. Make sure that your physical address is clearly mentioned on your website, especially your city. This allows your business to get picked up by Google in “near me” searches.

4.    Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

The majority of Google searches are done on mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you can lose consumer leads and trust. You will also lose ranking on Google, as Google does not rank non-functioning websites for mobile users.

5.    Use and optimize your Google-Business Profile

An easy and free way to improve your Google ranking is to use your Google Business Profile. This free service allows you to “claim” your business. From there, you can populate relevant information, such as accurate hours and address, as well as manage google reviews and interact directly with customers.

Update your Google Business profile regularly, and be sure to use keywords in the description and accurate location. This builds trust with locals and allows your website to get picked up. For added help, encourage happy customers to leave Google reviews to improve their chances.

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