How To Get Your Business To Show Up On Google Search Results Without Paying 


Google pretty much dominates the search engine market, and with so many users daily, lots of business owners, including you, wonder how to get your business to show up on Google search. If you are tired of paying for ineffective advertising, consider trying some digital marketing tips to get your business to show up on Google search results without paying anything!

Search Engine Optimization– SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tools in Digital Marketing, and technically it is free– though the majority of successful businesses opt to hire an SEO professional, as it is often the easiest and pays for itself. We will get to that later, but first, let’s find out what SEO is and how it works.

SEO refers to the process of using keywords strategically on your web page to improve rankings on google and, by proxy, traffic to the website. For example, a landscape company might want to rank first for “drought-proof landscaping,” so they do research and form an SEO plan to attract clients looking for that specific thing to their website.

Creating an SEO Plan To Get Your Business To Show Up On Google

A competent SEO plan can get your business to show up on Google search results. Read on for tips on forming an SEO plan that can get your business to show up on Google search results!

Use low competition and “tail” keywords

There are different tiers of keywords, and keywords are rarely a single word– instead, the word usually refers to phrases. Head keywords describe the one or two-word long keywords that garner the most hits. Using our earlier example of the landscaping business would be things like “landscaping” or “lawn care.” These are very high-head and too broad a net to catch anything.

However, tail keywords tend to be lower competition. These are keywords that are three to five words long and more specific. For the landscaping company, these would be things like “drought-proof landscaping near Philadelphia” or “the best way to drought-proof your garden.” These keywords are likely to lower competition and therefore be able to gather more traffic.

Create content that connects with your audience

Having keywords is only half the battle. Using those keywords in quality content is the other half! Content can be things like blogs, videos, social media accounts/posts, and of course, the landing page’s content.

Quality content with accurate keywords is the best way to drive organic traffic to your webpage. By writing a great, keyword-rich blog, you can get natural shares and garner valuable leads. To create great content, consider what will be useful to your audience. People get the best results with things like how-to videos and tutorials– presenting something useful is a great way to advertise your business. This might be a blog on simple gardening techniques or how-to videos for planting drought-resistant plants for the landscaping business.

Use social media

As previously stated, social media is a great SEO marketing tool. In addition to building trust in the community by engaging positively on social media, it can also be a tool to use those keywords and phrases that draw organic traffic to your site. It can promote your content– such as your blogs or videos, for even more potential leads. Finally, social media is a great way to announce sales and promotions, prompting customers who are on the fence to take the leap with your business.

Get high-value backlinks

Backlinks are your web pages address appearing on other websites. These backlinks are picked up by Google and give your website credibility, which can get your business to show up on Google. However, backlinks can have varying values. Valuable backlinks are ones created by trusted websites, whereas backlinks from spammy websites are considered less valuable as the website is less trustworthy. You can build high-value backlinks for your website by guest blogging and providing quality content that people would put on their webpage.

When In Doubt, Hire an SEO Professional

A quality SEO plan can garner great success– but it can also be daunting. Most business owners simply don’t have the time or the technical know-how to create an SEO campaign. And with the ever-changing landscape of Google algorithms, it requires expensive programs and knowledge of data to keep up. That is where HVAC Heros comes in. Check out our website today, and see how we can help your business get the SEO plan it needs!