Furnace Failure – Heating System Repair Frisco TX

For the majority of homes, a professional heating system repair Frisco TX is an essential service throughout the winter. Your heating system must be in working order to keep your house warm, cozy, and secure throughout the cold months.

But if the system breaks down, you should troubleshoot it to see if a furnace repair service is necessary. We’ll walk you through the process of troubleshooting your heating system in this article. Read on!

1. Check the Power

Electricity is required for a furnace system to operate and function properly. Like any other equipment in your house, it requires electricity to operate. Keep in mind that natural gas furnace systems are also subject to this.

Electricity is required for your furnace system to connect with the thermostat and blower motor. When there is sufficient power, some furnaces will turn off on their own. In this case, you must examine the system’s electrical components.

Call HVAC Heroes, a reputable company that offers heating system repair Frisco TX, if you don’t have enough expertise.


2. Check Your Thermostat

The most significant part of the heating system is the thermostat. It keeps the heat and ventilation in the interior space. Make sure the thermostat is “ON” and in the “Heat” mode.

The thermostat must be set five degrees higher than the room temperature. You’ll notice that the thermostat immediately turns on when the system is “ON.”

Check the batteries and replace them if necessary if the existing ones are not functioning properly. However, if the screen remains black, it indicates that the furnace is “OFF.” The furnace should then be turned on to ensure it is operating properly. If not, dial HVAC Heroes, so our technician can examine the furnace and identify the issue.


3. Check the Switch and Blower Motor

A switch and a blower motor should be checked for in the furnace room before scheduling a heating system repair Frisco TX. Verify that the switch is turned on. It is typically found inside the furnace or close by.

Additionally, you must inspect the blower motor and confirm that the front panel is closed and firmly fastened. The blower motor for the heating system is located in the lower cabinet.


4. Check Air Filters and Pilot Light

Every month, the air filters should be changed, according to the experts at HVAC Heroes. To avoid having to pay for pricey furnace repair services, you must change the filters at least once a month.

Remember that a filthy or clogged filter might make the heating system less effective. The furnace can possibly abruptly cut off as a result of it. In a similar vein, you must inspect the furnace’s pilot light.

A blue pilot light should be present. A yellow or red light on the furnace signals a problem. Additionally, you must ensure the external vents are free of leaves, ice, snow, and other debris.


5. Call HVAC Heroes

It’s time to call HVAC Heroes if you’ve tried troubleshooting the system and it’s still not functioning properly. Our company has skilled, licensed, and experienced experts that are familiar with all furnace components. Our technician will come to your house to inspect the furnace’s parts.

For instance, the technician will check the tubes to make sure moisture hasn’t obstructed them. They’ll also inspect for corrosion at the mechanical and electrical connections.

Our experts have a high level of training and expertise in looking for bigger problems such as damaged belts and motors. The chances are that the issues with your new furnace are small. However, you run the danger of needing a costly furnace repair service if your heating system is older. Don’t worry because HVAC Heroes provides the best repair service at the lowest costs.

Typical repair work entails minor adjustments and part replacements. It is preferable to replace your system if it is older than 15 years. Otherwise, you will need to invest hundreds of dollars in pricey repairs, which the experts at HVAC Heroes don’t advise.

Additionally, we are equipped with all the tools and machinery required to perform a professional furnace repair. Therefore, get in touch with us right away if you’re seeking a skilled, dependable, and reasonably priced heating system repair Frisco TX.