Please Note: The Commercial Comfort Guard Membership is Limited To Locations That Have HVAC Units At Ground Level




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The HVAC Heroes' Commercial Comfort Guard Membership

The HVAC Heroes’ COMFORT GUARD membership for your business is the easiest, fastest and most affordable system for us to provide you with the HVAC maintenance, repairs, and new systems installations that you need, all year long. As one of the most trusted HVAC companies in Frisco TX and the surrounding areas, our HVAC professionals stand ready to serve your business, 24/7 including holidays, always at the same great rates!

Your Comfort Guard commercial membership takes all of the guesswork out of when to have your HVAC systems cleaned, tuned, tested, and made Texas Weather-Ready! We will remind you every spring and every fall. Unless you have something that needs to be fixed or replaced, you pay nothing extra! Even if you do need a repair, you receive a 15% discount on all services.

Comfort Guard Commercial Membership

A Comfort Guard membership is beneficial in many ways to your businesses. Our records show that cooling and heating systems can last up to twice as long by having them maintained regularly.  If your system is under 10 years old, and if it has been maintained every six months so that it is ready for the blistering hot summers, or freezing cold winters, odds are very good that you will make it all the way through that season without a system failure.

We have top professionals who will take care of your HVAC system using their experience and skills. Plus, our highly-trained technicians are available 24/7/365 to serve you anytime days, nights, weekends, and holidays always at the same great rates!

The Commercial Comfort Guard is the best and most affordable HVAC repairs and preventative maintenance program in North Texas.  It means you receive exclusive benefits at the most affordable prices. You get both a spring and a fall tune-up, for free with your membership. 

Once you have your Commercial Comfort Guard membership, our skilled professionals will perform a state-of-the-industry safety check complete systems inspection, and precision tune-up on your system. We check, test, and tune every part of your HVAC system.   An HVAC system is much like your vehicle in that it is built of belts, pulleys, cables, hoses, and many moving parts. Also like your vehicle, it must be checked, tested, tuned, and made Frisco Texas Weather Ready at least twice per year.  In many ways, your HVAC system takes a worse beating than your vehicle, and yet you most likely don’t care for it as well as your vehicle.  Remember that maintenance is less expensive than repairs, and repairs are far less expensive than replacement.  The Comfort Guard will save you money and prevent unexpected system failures. One of the best investments you can make in your business is to have a Comfort Guard membership!

Commercial Comfort Guard VIP Services

Your Commercial Comfort Guard Membership gives you many of additional benefits.

As a Commercial Comfort Guard member, you get many benefits.

In North Texas, because of our extreme temperature swings, you will sometimes need emergency services for your business. By the way, so do many other businesses! With your Commercial Comfort Guard VIP membership you are put at the top of the list and you will always be taken care of first!

You receive a 24-hour guarantee, normally we will be there within 2 hours.

With our twice-annual tune-ups, our members tell us that their HVAC systems run perfectly all season long!

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