Air Purification In Plano TX

The HVAC Heroes offer McKinney air conditioning tune-up services to prepare your unit for the hot summer months in Texas. Our tune-up services involve evaluating, cleaning, and maintaining your unit so that it will be able to handle heavy loads.

HVAC tune-ups in Plano Texas are important as your air conditioner can break down anytime during the summer. Imagine getting stuck on a hot day without any cooling! That can be a nightmare. So, to save yourself the hassle of calling us on a hot day for repairs, why not get your AC maintained as early as today?

Here are some other benefits of AC tune-ups in the Frisco Texas area:

AC Tune-Ups Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioners have several parts that work together to bring cooling comfort to your home. One of these parts are air filters. Air filters do what they do; they filter outdoor contaminants and prevent them from entering your home. Because of this, air filters can get dirty in the long run and result in a lack of airflow in your system. When this happens, your system can overheat and result in expensive damage.

So not only will you have little to no cooling with a dirty air filter, you’ll also suffer bad indoor air quality in your home. If you want to keep your family healthy and safe indoors, it’s important to get regular air filter cleaning. Or, if your unit has replaceable filters, get it replaced once every few months.

AC Tune-Ups Enhances Energy Efficiency

A big contributing factor to your utility bills is your air conditioning’s efficiency. If you’re running your AC for the most part of the day, you know that your utility bills can go high. However, if you’re AC isn’t regularly tuned up, you’ll be looking at a 20 to 30 percent increase in your utility bills!

Tuning up your air conditioning unit allows it to perform efficiently no matter how much you use it. Getting your AC regularly maintained is cheaper than actually paying for expensive repairs and your excess utility bills combined. If you want to save money in the long run, it’s important to evaluate the cost of getting your AC maintained versus paying for regular major fixes. Click HERE to learn about our Comfort Guard maintenance program.

AC Tune-Ups Extend Your Unit’s Life

Air conditioning units today are designed to last for more than 15 years. However, because more and more people refuse to get their AC unit checked in McKinney TX, their system only lasts around 10 years. Air conditioning maintenance in Frisco Texas is cost-efficient and budget-friendly, so you should always schedule one every six months.

AC Tune-Ups Prevent Expensive Repairs

As mentioned earlier, expensive repairs are a result of neglecting air conditioning maintenance. Air conditioners have many working parts that can cost a big percentage of the total unit’s actual price to repair, so sometimes, if you find yourself needing a repair, you can be charged more than half the unit’s price.

This is why HVAC maintenance is so important to us at the HVAC Heroes. We never want to burden our customers with expensive and sudden repairs, so we make it our goal to provide Plano affordable maintenance services throughout the year. With our Comfort Guard Membership, you’ll be getting VIP benefits for HVAC services at a minimal price! For more information, just call us at (855) 840-5055 to get started with a membership.

AC Tune-Ups Result In Better Temperature Control

If you feel like your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home as much as it used to, then that’s a clear sign of the need for a tune-up. Factors such as air filter quality, the state of your blower motor, duct leaks, and thermostat controls can affect how much cold air your air conditioner is actually putting out. Our HVAC maintenance team in Frisco TX knows how to maximize the output of your unit, and we perform these services as part of our tune-ups. Click HERE to learn about our Comfort Guard maintenance program.

Call the HVAC Heroes For Fast AC Tune-Ups in Plano TX

Remember to call the HVAC Heroes when you need AC tune-ups, and you can do so during our office hours. Think about the amazing benefits you’ll get when you take care of your air conditioning system!