Why Do AC Leaks Occur and How Do You Fix Them?

The HVAC Heroes is a reputable business that provides excellent repair services, including troubleshooting for AC leakage. Many McKinney TX homeowners ask, “Why do AC leaks occur?”

One of the most significant concerns homeowners deal with is AC water leakage, which can cause problems including damaged walls, ceilings, and places near the system. “Why do AC leaks occur?” and troubleshooting for AC leaks are the topics of today’s article. Read on!


Why Do AC leaks occur?

Many people attempt to solve the issues on their own as a DIY project. Even so, to make sure the issue is resolved correctly, we advise employing a professional company that does AC leakage diagnostics. Your AC will operate at its best efficiency in this manner with no problems. Here are a few causes of water leaks from your air conditioner.


Frozen Evaporator Coils

One of the main reasons for AC water leaks is a clogged air filter. Evaporator coils might freeze as a result of a dirty air filter that makes it difficult for air to pass through. Restricting the airflow can result in ice formation and dripping water because refrigerant passes through the coils and needs it for heat absorption.

Unclean coils, a malfunctioning blower motor, and blocked registers or vents can also cause frozen evaporator coils. It indicates that the refrigerant does not absorb heat from the indoor environment, resulting in warm air being circulated throughout the house.

Remember that it may also result in problems with the compressor. Engage a reputable company that specializes in troubleshooting AC leaks to examine your AC system. The system will be examined by our specialist, and the air filter will be replaced.

To guarantee that the AC runs for a long time, we advise changing the air filter every month. The technician will adjust the refrigerant levels if changing the AC filter is ineffective in fixing the issue.

Cracked Drain Pan

The drain pan is under the air handler, which also contains the evaporator coil. Its main function is to collect moisture from the air conditioning system. A damaged or overfilled drain pan is one factor that contributes to why your AC is leaking water. The appliance will be turned off so that our specialist may check the drain pan for leaks.

The technicians from The HVAC Heroes clean the overflowing drain pan and inspect the edges, corners, and bottom sections using premium wet-dry vacuums. Although our specialist can use a sealant to repair a cracked drain pipe, we advise changing the damaged part.

Keep in mind that the evaporator coil and the unit are often positioned underneath two drain pans in an AC system. While the one underneath the unit is detachable, the drain pain beneath the coil is fixed. To replace the primary drain pain, contact Air Repairs.

Clogged Condensate Drain Linse

The clogged condensate drain line is another reason you want the services of a competent AC leaks troubleshooting business. Although many homeowners resolve this issue on their own, if you lack all the required tools, call a qualified professional.

The main reasons for a clogged condensate line are accumulated debris, algae, and fungi. High-quality equipment will be used by our qualified specialist to clean the drain pipe. In order to pour around 5 to 6 ounces of vinegar down the line, the technician will find the PVC pipe nearby the drain pan and unscrew the cap.

To get rid of fungi and algae that have gathered in the drain, we recommend hiring the HVAC Heroes’ crew that investigates AC leaks. To unclog the drain and stop water leaks in the future, we employ high-quality instruments.

Inefficient AC Installation

If your new air conditioner is leaking water, the company you chose did not correctly install the equipment. In order to stop water leaks, it is crucial to engage a competent company to reinstall the system or address the issues.

According to research, coils can freeze when it is below 60 degrees outside, which might result in water leaks. To make sure the AC system operates properly without leaking water, our technician will fix it.


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Why do AC leaks occur? It is a common question asked by homeowners in McKinney, TX. Because water leaks can harm your home’s floors, walls, ceilings, and furnishings, HVAC Heroes experts advise acting fast. Additionally, it may harm your air conditioning system, necessitating costly repairs. Water leaks can occasionally seriously harm the system, necessitating a complete replacement.

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