Air Conditioning Leaks – Causes and Solutions

Air Conditioning Leaks

The HVAC Heroes is a professional company that offers high-quality repair services, including AC leaks troubleshooting. Many homeowners in McKinney, TX, ask, “why is my AC leaking water?”

AC leaking water is one of the most significant problems faced by homeowners, leading to complications, such as deteriorated walls, ceilings, and areas around the system. In today’s article, we will answer the question “why is my AC leaking water” and discuss AC leaks troubleshooting. Read on!

Why is my AC Leaking Water?

Many people try to fix the problems as a DIY project. However, we recommend hiring a professional service that offers AC leaks troubleshooting to ensure the problem is fixed properly. That way, your AC will perform at its peak without any issues. Here are a few reasons why your AC is leaking water.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

A clogged air filter is a leading cause of AC leaking water. A dirty air filter does not allow the air to pass through easily, leading to frozen evaporator coils. Because refrigerant travels through the coils and requires proper airflow for heat absorption, it can cause ice formation and dripping water due to restricted airflow.

Likewise, dirty coils, broken blower motor, and blocked registers or vents can also cause frozen evaporator coils. It means the refrigerant does not catch and absorb heat from the indoor space, causing warm air throughout the home.

Bear in mind that it can also cause issues in the compressor. Hire a professional AC leaks troubleshooting company to inspect your AC system. Our technician will inspect the system and replace the air filter.

We recommend changing the AC air filter every month to ensure it runs for an extended period. If changing the AC filter does not resolve the problem, the technician will fix the refrigerant levels.

Cracked Drain Pan

The air handler houses the evaporator coil, and the drain pan is located underneath it. The primary function of the drain pan is to catch condensation from the AC system. Why is my AC leaking water? One cause of this problem is a cracked or overflowing drain pan. Our technician will turn off the unit and inspect the drain pan for leaks.

The HVAC Heroes’ technicians use high-quality wet-dry vacuums to clean the overflowing drain pan and examine the edges, corners, and bottom areas. Although our technician can fix a cracked drain pain with a sealant, we recommend replacing the damaged component.

Remember, an AC system usually has two drain pans located underneath the unit and the evaporator coil. The drain pain located underneath the coil is fixed, while the one underneath the unit is removable. Call Air Repairs for the primary drain pain replacement.

Blocked Condensate Drain Line

Another reason you need to hire a professional AC leaks troubleshooting company is the blocked condensate drain line. Although many homeowners fix this problem as a DIY project, call an experienced technician if you don’t have all the necessary tools available.

Accumulated debris, algae, and fungi are the leading causes of a clogged condensate line. Our professional technician will use high-quality tools to clean the drain line. The technician will locate the PVC pipe near the drain pan and unscrew the cap to pour about 5-6 ounces of vinegar down the line.

We recommend hiring the HVAC Heroes’ AC leaks troubleshooting team to remove fungi and algae accumulated in the drain. We use quality tools to unclog the drain and prevent water from leaking in the future.

Faulty AC Installation

If you have a new AC, but it is leaking water, the company you hired had not installed the system properly. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional company to re-install the system or fix the problems to stop water leaks.

Research shows that outside temperatures below 60 degrees can also lead to frozen coils, causing water leakage. Our technician will adjust the AC system to ensure the AC works fine without leaking water.

Contact the HVAC Heroes

Why is my AC leaking water? It is a common question asked by homeowners in McKinney, TX. Experts at the HVAC Heroes recommend acts quickly because water leaks can damage your home’s floors, walls, ceilings, and furnishings.

It can also damage your air conditioner system, leading to expensive repairs. Sometimes, water leaks cause significant damages to the system, causing you to replace the system entirely.

If you want to protect yourself from expensive repairs and avoid water leaks, call the HVAC Heroes, a professional company that offers high-quality AC leaks troubleshooting services in McKinney TX.