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Don’t get caught in a Plano Texas’ summer because of an issue with your air conditioner. Call Texas’s air conditioning and heating experts, the HVAC Heroes. We staff our phones seven days a week so that we can provide the North Dallas, TX area with AC emergency services. We offer free estimates on replacement equipment and our highly trained technicians can evaluate your current AC system and make recommendations that fit your needs and budget.

Call the HVAC Heroes at (855) 840-5055 for AC repair in Plano Texas and the surrounding areas. Our Trip Charge Is only $67, but It’s FREE with a Comfort Guard membership.

What’s Wrong with My AC?

At the HVAC Heroes, our first priority on a new job is to seek the most effective and affordable solution for our customers. Sometimes, this involves a simple repair—other times, our Frisco repair professionals may recommend a replacement. That is why we keep our inventory stocked with premier HVAC products proven to offer optimal performance for homeowners.

The HVAC Heroes offer:

  • Air conditioners
  • Thermostats
  • Air handlers
  • Heat pumps
  • Indoor air quality management
  • Furnaces and coils
  • And, MUCH More

You Should Call for Plano AC Service If:

  • Your unit has cracks or leaks
  • The thermostat does not respond to changes
  • The temperature varies in different parts of the house
  • Your unit emits unusual or loud sounds
  • Your home is not consistently cool
  • Your energy costs rise unexplainably
  • You are experiencing weak airflow
  • You are detecting foul smells


Twice Annual Maintenance Can Prevent AC Emergencies in the McKinney TX area

Some air conditioning repair issues can be avoided by having twice annually scheduled maintenance performed on your Frisco AC unit every spring and every fall. By having maintenance twice a year, you can save money by preventing possible breakdowns that require repairs. Our Plano area AC repair technicians are certified HVAC specialists and can maintain any home cooling and heating system.

The HVAC Heroes have been providing air conditioning and heating repair in the McKinney Texas area for years. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and we are committed to old-fashioned values like fairness, honesty and integrity.

Replace or Repair? Expert Tips on When It's Time to Buy a New Central AC in Frisco Texas

When you’re looking for AC installation services in Texas to fight the hot Texas summer, then you’re in the right place!

You can find several air conditioning service providers online by using the keyword “AC installation near me.” You will get a lot of results through this search, but if you are looking for an experienced and highly-skilled company, then call the McKinney HVAC Heroes. We are here to help you! We are a team of highly-trained, uniformed, and professional technicians and we provide fast and reliable AC repair and installation services in the Plano area.

Should You Have Your HVAC Unit Repaired or Replaced?

It can be a difficult task to figure out when to repair or replace your Frisco Texas HVAC unit. If you begin with replacing an air conditioner, then it would be expensive for you. Before doing this, make sure that your old AC unit has no more life span to keep your home cool in this brutal summer season. But you should keep in mind that a lot of cooling appliances can be repaired instead of replaced. So you should take care of your air conditioners through proper maintenance and repair, but if your McKinney AC unit has some issues, then go for repair first!

Air Conditioner Repair or Replacement: Why It’s A Tough Decision

How will you make that decision to repair or place the air conditioner unit? How will you know that your HVAC unit has outlived its useful life? Can you use your older unit for another year through repairing? Or will you replace it by buying a new air conditioner in McKinney TX? The more modern unit will be more energy-efficient, and it can lower your electricity bill.

Here are some suggestions which help you to decide to repair or replace your HVAC unit. Let’s talk about the factors that you should consider about your Plano air conditioner unit and its history.

How To Know Which Company You Can Trust For AC Repair And Replacement

It is true that some AC service providers in McKinney try to sell their appliances when your old unit only needs a little repair. Yet service providers make their money by repairing your old units again and again. So for these reasons you should rely on the trusted advice which can help you to make a decision whether to repair or replace your air conditioner in Frisco TX. Here are the tips which can help you make the right decision:

Don’t decide on the spot:

If any service provider insists that you make a decision to buy new equipment, without explaining what’s wrong with your Plano AC unit, then you should never decide to purchase new equipment on that spot. It is best for you to take some time to think about your equipment, whether to repair or replace it.

Get advice from a trusted service provider:

You should find a trusted HVAC company that offers both new equipment installations and repair services. If you are somewhere in the Plano Texas area and you are looking for air conditioning installation in the Frisco TX area and AC replacement in McKinney Texas, then the HVAC Heroes are the right choice for you because they provide both new equipment installations and repair services. The HVAC Heroes also have many Google 5-star raving fan reviews.

Reasons to Replace Your Air Conditioner:

If your air conditioner has some serious issues then you may have to choose between repairing or replacing, and you don’t know what to do. Then we have these tips that will help you make the right decision to repair or replace the air conditioner in Frisco.

Age of your Cooling system:

The approximate lifespan of the air conditioner is 10-15 years, so if your air conditioner is over 15-years, then you should replace it with a new AC unit instead of repairing it. Because older air conditioners consume more energy as compared to new models. Newer air conditioners are energy efficient units and use 20-40% less energy than older units.  Think about it, a newer air conditioner will help you to reduce electricity bills up to 40% compared to older units.

Regular repair and maintenance:

Your air conditioning units in Plano are your companions this summer, so you must care for your equipment. But if your Frisco air conditioners require constant repairs and maintenance, then your air conditioner has reached its end of life.

Energy Efficiency:

Many people want to save money on their monthly electricity bills. According to Energy Star, your energy bills always increased due to the usage of cooling and heating systems. When making a decision to repair or replace your McKinney AC units, you should look at your electricity bills. If your electricity bills are increasing, but your electrical utility company has not raised rates, then you should go for air conditioner replacement in Frisco. If your air conditioner is over 10 years, then it might be time to replace your HVAC unit. Because older model air conditioners consume more energy as compared to new models. According to the US Department of Energy, newer air conditioners are energy-efficient units and use 20-40% less energy than older air conditioners.

By reading the above reasons, if your Plano air conditioner has any problem, then find the best air conditioning installation contractor in North Dallas Texas who can help you to make the right decision to repair or replace the air conditioner. Call the HVAC Heroes!

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