About the HVAC Heroes

Texas HVAC Services with a History of Excellence

The HVAC Heroes is your leading local HVAC repairs and installation services company in the North Dallas area for several reasons. 1st, all of our members are EPA certified which means we understand and follow the latest rules to be sure our environment is protected while you home is kept comfortable. Next, we are trained in all of the major brands so that whatever your current HVAC system, we know how to repair it. We are also certified dealers in the top brands so we have the parts or replacements in stock and ready to install.

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HVAC services with a tradition of excellence

For years, we’ve served the local community. Why do North Dallas homeowners continue to choose the HVAC Heroes? The answers are simple:

  • We have years of experience in the HVAC industry.
  • We answer our phones seven days a week and offer emergency services.
  • We are highly-trained, uniformed, professional technicians.
  • We offer free estimates on all replacement equipment.
  • We waive diagnostic fees if we’re hired for replacements.
  • We are preferred vendors for some of the industry’s leading brands.
  • We are dedicated to 100% satisfaction and keeping your home, Texas Weather Ready.

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What makes us better?

Our HVAC business shines brighter and is growing faster because our customers experience how we start and complete every job with the same kind of excellence, every time!

We provide same-day-service (often within 2 hours), and we always show you exactly what your job will cost upfront. There are no surprises with the HVAC Heroes.

With every repair we always do a complete systems inspection at no additional cost. We have learned that when one thing breaks, it is often a sign that other parts might also be worn out. This added service has saved many Frisco homeowners the added trouble and expense of several service calls.

When you want the best, at the best price, with the best service, day or night, call the HVAC Heres.

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HVAC Solutions for Your Home and small business

We at the HVAC Heroes, we are honored to have continued to earn the trust of North Dallas area communities. What excites us the most is when a 1st-time homeowner recommends us to a friend, family member, or business associate to help them too. It is rewarding to hear why someone else trusted us to bring the same kind of world-class skills, talents, tools, and training to his or her home or business. This is how business is supposed to work and we appreciate it.

When you pick the HVAC Heroes, you can expect fast, polite, technicians that have passed a background can drug test. These are fine people that you can trust in your home or business.

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Core Values

To live the, “GOLDEN RULE.” Always treating each customer and teammate the way we want ourselves and our family treated with honesty, integrity and fairness. 


Constant and never ending improvement. (CANI). Both for our customers and for our teammates.


To leave every work day with the “WOW FACTOR.” 

If you say “WOW, that was the best HVAC experience we have ever had,” when we leave your home or business, then we have achieved our goal.

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Most people don’t give their HVAC system a second thought until it stops working. What if you did not maintain your vehicle with regular tuneups, oil, and filter changes and maintenance? Your HVAC system is built with similar and complex pulleys, belts, wires, and parts that need to be tested tuned, cleaned, and made Texas Weather-Ready, at least twice per year.

Our North Texas weather is intense. Your HVAC’s cooling system runs almost non-stop all summer long. Then within a month or so, it needs to completely reverse and then run almost non-stop providing heat for your home or small business. Your system needs to be tested, tuned, cleaned, and made Texas Weather-Ready, again so it will provide you and your family with the environment that you need. This process NEEDS to be done at least twice per year.

The vast majority of our customers that have us perform twice-annual service, (in the spring and in the fall), almost never need to call us during the cooling or heating season.

If you become a Comfort Guard member, your monthly membership starts at just $19.97 for the first unit and only $9.97 for each additional unit. This membership INCLUDES your twice-annual systems tune-up along with FREE SERVICE CALLS all year long. This VIP membership also provides many other benefits, and it puts you are the “head of the line” when you do need service.

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