24 Hour Live Telephone Answering Service

Small businesses often do not have 24/7 Live Telephone Answering Services, but they are the ones that need it the most. Without a live answering service, you miss out on today’s 24/7 lifestyle. Most customers work during the day and are not available to call your business during business hours. By making your business accessible around the clock, you automatically increase your customer base.

Outsourcing your 24 Hour Answering services can provide a better customer satisfaction score for your business. Making your live answering services available after-hours will also introduce you to a wider range of prospective clients. But just being accessible to customers is not enough to compete. You also need to provide top-quality customer service. Having someone to answer the phone when a customer call doesn’t matter if the person is rude or incompetent.

This is where Hero Pro Tools comes in. Our live answering service provides the exact same high-quality service, no matter day or night! Read on to learn more.

How Our Live Answering Service Works

Hero Pro Tools represents the cutting edge of modern AI technology. Instead of a person answering the phone, Hero Pro Tools uses an AI system that can be spoken to like a real person– no hang-ups, no voicemails, and no automated options. Hero Pro Tool’s AI can be spoken to like a person and can complete a wide variety of tasks in addition to answering customer calls. The AI system can also screen callers for customers (and ignore spam calls), book appointments on your shared calendar, send the customer reminder texts, and follow up after the service to check customer satisfaction.

Hero Pro Tools was built by business owners for business owners. Hero pro tools is a project several years and thousands of tests in the making by seasoned business owners. By choosing this system, you never have to worry about missing calls or staffing receptionists again!

Four Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Hero Pro Tools Answering Service

Hero Pro tools is a service made by business owners to help other business owners succeed. This cutting-edge AI technology takes all the work out of answering phones and scheduling appointments. However, that’s not all it does. Read on for four ways Hero Pro Tools can improve your business.

Improved customer service

Excellent customer support can make or break a business. When it comes to two businesses with comparable services, most customers will choose the one that they feel cares more about them. By making sure that polite, competent customer service is available from your business around the clock, you improve the overall experience of the customer. If they are unhappy about your product or service, Hero Tools will immediately reach out to a supervisor to make it right. No more dropped balls and no more missed customers!

Build reliability

When a customer calls a business, and no one picks up, there is only a 25% chance that the customer will leave a voicemail. Realistically, most customers know that voicemails are rarely checked, and they need services right now– not in a week or two when the voicemails get cleaned out.

By making sure your customers are always heard when they call your business, you improve your reliability and show that you are a business for your customers– and not the other way around. Building reliability improves your business standing in the community.

Boost online reviews and brand name recognition

After a service has been performed, HVAC Hero Pro Tools will follow up via text with the customer. They will send a one-question survey asking if the customer was happy with their service. If they weren’t, a notification would immediately be sent to management.

But if the customer is happy with their service, Hero Pro Tools will send them a link to leave a good review on google. The majority of modern customers use Google to find businesses like yours and use google reviews to decide which business to patronize. You get completely free and highly effective advertising by improving your reviews on Google!

More affordable than traditional receptionists

Another benefit of HVAC Hero Pro Tools for your business is the cost. A human receptionist is very expensive, especially a 24/7 receptionist. You also have to deal with staffing headaches such as scheduling vacations, people quitting, hiring and training replacements, etc. All of that costs money and precious time that you need to run your business.


Hero Pro Tools is a fraction of the cost of traditional publishing, with guaranteed results. What do you have to lose? Give us a call or check out our website today to see how Hero Pro Tools can help your business!