24 Hour Live Phone Answering Service For HVAC Business

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Answering your HVAC repair calls has never been more easier with the help of the HVAC Hero Pro Tools. We are a division of Sterling & Pope Corporation and we have made this tool available now to the HVAC industry. You can look forward to other 24/7 answering systems for other businesses in the future too!

There’s a simple problem with live answering services – and that’s humans! Think about the kind of person who has to sit around all day and answer call after call for businesses that they have little to no care about! This is where our system comes in. With the help of our smart robot that we call “Alicia”, who sounds human, but is not, you will be sure to get all your calls answered with the same warm and friendly voice every time!

Alicia’s system will qualify your new leads as someone who needs HVAC services, whose property is located in your service location, and confirm that they are the property owner. She will then book the appointment on your calendar and send the client an appointment confirmation text. Thirty minuites before their appointment window, the system will send a reminder text to the householder with a picture of one of our trucks so that they’ll know who is coming to their home.

After the HVAC service is completed, the system will send a one-question survey to check if the client is satisfied. Most reply with a simple, “Yes.” After a quick “Thank you” message, a request will be sent to the client for them to give a “Raving Fan” review on Google. This will help build up your online reputation and improve your Google listings.

If your phones are always attended day and night by a professional-sounding representative of the company, no matter what time of the day, your company’s reputation will definitely improve. Alicia never calls in sick, never demands a raise, and never gets grumpy when you need her to answer the phone in the middle of the night. She will alwaysz be with you for years to come, with even more awesome upgrades coming your way!

If you want to see The HVAC Hero Pro Tools in action, visit our website now at https://HVACHeroProTools.com

You’ll definitely be amazed at what you’ll see, hear, and experience for yourself!

Click below to experience one of our Live AI Robots answering an HVAC call

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Artificial Intelligence can be found everywhere nowadays, and it has helped several businesses improve performance in all areas of home comfort. Adding an AI robot to handle all areas of your company might be a somewhat new idea, but it will definitely help you focus more on the money making areas of your business.

It’s hard to find, train, and benefit from people today to answer your calls, book appointments, send appointment confirmations, and follow up on your customers to make sure they are happy. Moreover, you can’t always have them answer calls for you in the middle of the night! Now, for the first time ever, you can provide 24/7/365 services to your customers with no grumpy overtime employee having to man the phones round-the-clock.

We’re happy to announce our first ever automated, human-sounding Artificial Intelligence system named “Alicia!” She’s programmed to handle all of your customer-service calls no matter what time of the day. To learn more about this cutting-edge tech and how it will help you become the best HVAC service provider in your area, visit http://HVACHeroProTools.Com

You will be amazed and delighted that you checked this out, we promise!